There’s no sunshine when she’s gone….

Dutch design firm CleverFranke  harvested 714,843 pieces of digital flotsam about the weather from social media, blogs and elsewhere for their latest project. The aim: to show the relationship between weather and sentiment in Holland.

The design result is a spiderweb of loveliness, refined and minimalist. But it would have even lovelier with some interactivity. A zoom? Can we go deeper? See the actual tweets, blogs mentions and more…


This weather chart project* continues to support the notion that we can see how expressions of emotion/sentiment/mood reflect the real-life landscape of our world. In this instance sunshine hours and positive sentiment** show an incredible correlation.

Sometimes things go without saying, but we still love to see it confirmed in the data.
What they found:

  • It’s cold in December and people feel negative about that.
  • The Dutch love sun – more so, sentiment ratings and sunshine hours  are closely correlated as shown below.
  • There’s a lot more weather chatter in the summer months.
  • When it’s Spring (and there is very little rain – April) people are happier.

*data from Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute.

** Sentiment analysis by Ai-Applied.