Waiting for the “now now now”

“Facebook amplifies the newness of what has happened recently by displaying this information first and by allowing older items to flow off the page. Nowness is encouraged on Facebook, so much so that individual moments transform into overall flow  – a feel of now now now.” – Ian Bogost, in Facebook and Philosophy: What’s on Your Mind? by D.E. Wittkower.

mobile phone zombies

Life is the Medium

mediated life and the mobile phone
Photo: Michael Sohn / AP

“Arms held high; cell phone glint in the sun. People are taking pictures of themselves, of strangers, of friends…The event is a celebration of physical presence, but the crowd reaches out to those who are absent. It is important to have images of the day on one’s own phone. And it is important to send them along. A photo form the inauguration, or a text, a posting, an email, a Tweet – all validate the sense of being there. It used to be that taking a photograph marked participation…But these days, the photograph is not enough. Sending implies being….We are pressed into the service of technologies of remembrance and validation.” – Sherry Turkle, Alone Together, page 302.