Making Sense: Take Care 1012

Sensory Mapping Project, Red Light District, Amsterdam (2020-2022)
Take Care is a collaboration between affect lab, The Prostitution Information Centre (Amsterdam), creative cultural practitioner Roelof van Wyk, and writer-researcher Bob van Toor. Take Care’s advisory partners include Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Mobile City, Failed Architecture, STIPO and 3 Layers. Making Sense: Take Care 1012 is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL. 

Through sensory research and affective storytelling, Take Care 1012 brings together spatial-cultural history, the built environment and material public assemblages to speculate on ways of relating and being in the world together.

In Phase 1 (March 2020-June 2020) of the project we focus on what people smell. By mapping this largely uncharted olfactory landscape and exploring embodied perspectives, we may examine relationships between inhabitants, visitors, creatures, material and immaterial forces in new ways; providing different insights into the district.


de Wallen Take Care
Sensory Ethnography Red Light District Amsterdam