Good Neighbours

Interactive Documentary, Amsterdam (2019-2020)
Good Neighbours is a weirdly familiar, provocative interactive documentary that reveals the hilarious and strange truths about what really connects communities.
Research for Good Neighbours began in September 2019 at the Fak’ugesi Digital Innovation Festival in Johannesburg. The final chat-bot documentary, immersive experience and performance will be presented to audiences in late 2020.
Through stories and messages in a WhatsApp group, the documentary creates awareness amongst citizens and policy makers of the impact of WhatsApp neighbourhood groups on human relationships. It explores key themes for modern cities such as exclusion/inclusion and otherness in neighbourhoods. Good Neighbours provokes new ways of thinking about who belongs to certain spaces and why some people are excluded over others. The ultimate goal of Good Neighbours is to influence positive social change in how technology shapes communities and spaces.

Good Neighbours
is a collaboration between researcher Natalie Dixon, interactive artist/designer Klasien van de Zandschulp and the Institute of Network Cultures.  This project is supported by the City of Amsterdam, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.



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WhatsApp in Amsterdam
Photo copyright Antal Guszlev
Research phase: a performance at Fak’ugesi festival, Johannesburg, Sept 2019
Research phase: a performance at Fak’ugesi festival, Johannesburg, Sept 2019