Affect Lab is a research studio focused on the technology practices of communities; delivering knowledge to educational-cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, policy makers, placemakers, cities, civil society groups, .

Our mandate is to create actionable knowledge – through in-field, desk research and creative interventions — about the human-technology relationship to empower decision makers in policy development, planning and city making.

Research end-products take the form of white papers, generative and foundational research reports and in-situ creative experiments.

Using a mixture of narrative, ethnographic, affective and sensory methods Affect Lab reflects on and analyses the human-technology relationship. A  key focus is on the use of mobile technology within marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Affect Lab is a not-for-profit foundation (Stichting) registered in The Netherlands founded by Dr. Natalie Dixon and Katy Yudin in 2012.

Board of Directors

CHAIRWOMAN Elloise Bennett
SECRETARY Jennifer Lem